COVID-19 Policies

Sorry due to Governors orders we will have no outside bars open or live music

Due to State of Delaware Phase 2 restrictions we please kindly ask you follow the below guidelines when enjoying our location:

  • Please ensure you are symptom-free when joining us
  • Table sizes are limited to six people
  • All members of your party must be present and wearing masks to be seated
  • A face covering must be worn until seated at your seat
  • You must remain seated the entire time, unless you need to use the restroom
  • Due to seating restrictions, seating time is limited to 90 minutes
  • Please wear a face covering mask when leaving your seat for the restroom
  • Please wash your hands before returning to the table
  • Please wear a protective face covering when not seated
  • Please observe social distancing guidelines, signage and markings
  • Please follow all posted and verbal guidelines
  • Please maintain social distance of six feet
  • Please do not gather at the host stand
  • Please socially distance when waiting to put your name in for a table
  • To go alcohol may be ordered with food and will be received with the meal, unless we are delivering curbside to your vehicle or boat
  • You must enjoy to go alcohol off are premises